Here is the introduction to my latest novel, King Solomon’s Wives, a blend of fantasy and historical fiction slated to be completed later this year:

In the time before history, creatures now considered myths and legends were not only real but common. Chief among them were elementals; humanoids capable of manipulating and controlling each of the four major elements: earth, water, air, and fire. Humans were the dominant species not because of special powers, but because of their unrivaled capacity for guile, deceit, and cruelty.

And so it was that at the dawn of recorded history and for a short time after, magical creatures existed alongside and even among mankind. Some sought to blend in, to survive in a world overrun by humanity. Others pursued rebellion and retribution, much as indigenous peoples have done throughout time when their existence is threatened. Still others sought to blend in while secretly praying for the destruction of man.

In the time of King Solomon, son of David, in a land of sand and sun, a handful of peaceful and secretive air elementals known as jinn, remained cloistered within the realm along with their warlike and hateful fire elemental cousins… the ifrit.